Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nice guys finish last.

It's fucking true.
I'm too nice and cunts take advantage of me.
I put myself out there, and do fuckin' anything for anyone, am the calmest person you'll ever met, and am respectfull and quite as fuck, and what do I get back?
Fucking nothing.

People talk shit.
People use me.
I'm always their last concern.
I get rejected, or miss out on anything I go up for.
I never get shit my way.

And what do I do?
Fucking nothing.
I sit back quitely.
I put on a smile, and punch through it, then get home and can't sleep because I'm thinking a way to overcome it.
Or what I should have done different for a different outcome.
Or what I'm gonna do next time.
Or what I'm gonna say to the cunt.

But nothing comes of it.

Maybe I should become an arsehole?
And just be a prick to people.
Like those cunts who get up in life.
Who people want to be.

Yeah, that's what I'll do.



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