Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Attn: Victorians.

Under the proposed legislation, people could be fined close to $240 for language that is considered indecent or offensive.

Attorney-General Robert Clark says the changes mean police will not have to use the courts to deal with people who use bad language.

"We're going to be confirming the power of police to issue on-the-spot infringement notices for these sorts of offences, which will free up police resources," he said.

"It will also enable them to more effectively act against the sort of loud-mouthed, obnoxious behaviour that can make going out to public places unpleasant for other members of the public."


Basically, this is [strike]bullshit[/strike] poo.


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Nothing to write about.

What's doing?
Sorry I haven't updated in a bit, I've been sick as a fuckin dog, and been busy with school and all kindsa shit.
I also have had nothing exciting happen, meaning I have had nothing to write about.

I need fucking money.
I cannot find a job.
I need to earn atleast $180 in the next month, as I am in debt, aswell as a fuckload for my end of school trip.
So has anyone got any ideas for me to earn cash?
I've tried bloody everything, and I always end up spending it before I can get a rreasonable amount.
Please help me, I'm desperate.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hows it going? 4

What's doing gronks.
Haven't had a write in a while so I thought I'd just chuck up a quick summary of a weekend previously occuring.

I had a mates 18th on a Friday (Gotta get down) night, so after school we grabbed some beers and went to the pub for a bit for pre's.
When we rocked up, we where asked who we were buying beers for, so we knew something was up as I regularily rock down with a number of 17 year olds and they just let us go.
It turns out that they thought only 1 of our group of about 10 were underage, and thus we gave him shit about it for the next hour or so as we drank piss and kicked back with schnitzels watching the races and f'ing around with the tab.
We then got a lift down to the party, were we proceded to drink for a few hours, have a kb, chat to some girls and do general shit.

At about 1.00 everyone got booted out because people wanted to sleep, so we walked down the street towards the main road for a cab with about 10 people when a maxi-taxi drove towards us.
Now we hadn't orderd it, but we dropped the kid who hads name, and got in.
Maxi taxis only have 8 passeenger seats, but everyone needed to get home so at this point there were about 10 in it.

We took off, and stopped 10 metres later, as people from the party were standing all over the road.
At this point we saw some mroe people who lived near us, so we opened the door and told more people to get, which caused the numbers to rise to about 21. The taxi driver then told us that we had too many people in, and some would have to get out, now since nobody wanted to wait for another taxi, we told him no, and proceded to punch his taxis roof, walls and windows.
At this point, another person who lived near us walked out of the party, and because the driver had closed the door, the kid ran from teh house, and dived through the open window landing on our laps.

The taxi driver realised at this point that we werent getting out, adn proceded to drive towards our destination.

For the next 15 minutes, we punched the windows, roof, walls, sang and just generally f'd around,

When we arrived at the 7-11 near our house, we stopped, and around 15 of us got out, and started shaking the taxi, and had it rocking pretty hard.
Some other boys stole his spare tire, and throught it under the taxis wheel, causing him to drive over it.

We had some fun with the local 7-11 owners, recieved free food and slurpees, then when we heard police sirens, legged it aroudn the streets, before going home.

Was a good night.

Keep reading gronks.

Monday, 9 May 2011

If something isn't broke, don't try fix it.

F*** metro.
Why would you change the bloody train timetable?
It was fine before.

Now it takes me 15 more minutes to get home a day.
All because you moved my train back 6 minutes.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hows it going? 3

So I didn't end up going to the 50th, because I would have got their son "too drunk" and "stopped him from doing his job"
I ended up going to an 18th at a pub instead. I had a few beers and had a good night.

The kid who's 18th it was bought the first round.
I can not stand this shit.


At home now kicking back, watching [u]Restrepo the deadliest outpost.[/u]

Looking forward to my first sleep in (past 7.10) this week.

Stay gronking.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Hows it going? 2

Do not have much to say at the moment.
Went to the pub last night, had a pizza few brewskies and a bet.
Didn't go to bad btu nothing special happened.

Played my first game of footy.
Got like 3 kicks, played ruck/HBF and almost kicked a goal.
Couple of punch ons, but nothing serious.
Cannot wait for next week.

I have a 50th birthday tonight, so I'll try to find some funny shit to write about.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The funniest thing I saw today.

Ok, so this morning when I was going to school I was at the main train station in Melbourne.
My train pulled up and as people wanted to get to where they were going, we all stood around the door.
Now I don't know what the customs are where you live, but in Melbourne it's customary to wait for people to get off the train before you get on.
This one lady didn't agree, and as soon as the door opened she tried to push her way on.
A man who was trying to get off didn't like this, and as a result started walking, acting as though he hadn't seen her.
He walked straight into her, and bumped her off the train, then kept on walking, as she stood there embarrased.

Haha rude lady.

Keeep reading Gronks.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How's it going?


Welcome to my world.

Lemme drop a few details before we get started.

I'm Fiddy4.
Last year at school.
Sick braaa.
Love my sports, music and mates.
Hoping to have some fun with my blog.
Just going to let you in on some random stories, rants and other aspects of my life.