Sunday, 15 January 2012

What's up carnts?

What's doing.
I haven't had a yarn on here in a while but I'm back now.

So in the last 6 months I've:
Finished school. Fucken stoked.
Got my license - Still needa buy a car, but been driving my parents.
Been on schoolies - Fucken loved it, best time of my life.
Gotten fat - Too many beers, kebabs, pizzas and chips. - Needa lose this shit.Footy training starts tonight again.
Decided that I'm going to work in/travel the USA in 2013. - Need Kajsh (FUCK YOU TRILL YOU DOG, DON'T READ MY BLOG) for this though.
Realised I know alotta sexy bitches.
Realised I need a job. - hard to get hired ya know farken.

And a fair bit more shit.
I'm also gonna try update this a bit more on the regularity.

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