Sunday, 31 July 2011


Yo sorry I haven't put anything up in a while, I've been busy, lazy and had a broken laptop.
Been out a fair bit last few weeks, but untill recently I was dissapointed with the lack of available female pune.

Females who are taken;
1)Shouldn't talk to me
2)Shouldn't sit on my lap
3)Should carry something that shows they are taken.
[strike]4) Should fuck their boyfriends off and suck my dick [/strike]

But yeah, I'm back now, in the good books with my laptop running good again.
Going to a 170 people 18th next Saturday, then a 250+ open house on a farm fucken 2 hours from my house the next week, then another 170 people 18th preceded on teh weekend by a 200 or so that I don't even know.

Fuck school true?

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