Thursday, 5 May 2011

The funniest thing I saw today.

Ok, so this morning when I was going to school I was at the main train station in Melbourne.
My train pulled up and as people wanted to get to where they were going, we all stood around the door.
Now I don't know what the customs are where you live, but in Melbourne it's customary to wait for people to get off the train before you get on.
This one lady didn't agree, and as soon as the door opened she tried to push her way on.
A man who was trying to get off didn't like this, and as a result started walking, acting as though he hadn't seen her.
He walked straight into her, and bumped her off the train, then kept on walking, as she stood there embarrased.

Haha rude lady.

Keeep reading Gronks.

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