Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Attn: Victorians.

Under the proposed legislation, people could be fined close to $240 for language that is considered indecent or offensive.

Attorney-General Robert Clark says the changes mean police will not have to use the courts to deal with people who use bad language.

"We're going to be confirming the power of police to issue on-the-spot infringement notices for these sorts of offences, which will free up police resources," he said.

"It will also enable them to more effectively act against the sort of loud-mouthed, obnoxious behaviour that can make going out to public places unpleasant for other members of the public."


Basically, this is [strike]bullshit[/strike] poo.



  1. so if the cop won't like you, wou will have to pay.. good job

  2. Yeah fucken oath.
    Going to recieve a large number of fines about 1am on Friday/Saturday nights I'm guessing.

  3. Well, now it all goes to what interpret as a "bad language".
    Needs more specifications on concrete words not to be used.

  4. its about time someone cleaned up those foul mouthed Victorians